Redesign of Wiltshire Honey by Oliver Milburn

Redesign | Wiltshire Honey

A big love of mine is to redesign and rebrand products to improve the output or to help them appeal to a certain type of audience. The same idea can be applied to Service businesses. Beginning with something sweet, I took a couple of hours to make something elevated, distinct, pure and beautiful. 

Everyone loves honey!

Everyone loves honey, especially our kids, so I thought a great place to kick off the journal would be to design something  we all love to eat! Sometimes it’s a challenge to make a project both effective and meaningful when you’re not in the mindset of the final audience or consumer. So, working on something familiar felt like a great place to begin. Making this project effective and meaningful was easy because we are the target audience. We walk into the store and are baffled by choice. The simpler and more elevated brands naturally stand out. Plus, for us, local products always win our hearts, so the redesign of Wiltshire Honey – harvested from bees at the family farm – was truly a personal project. Best enjoyed together as a family on home-baked sourdough made by my talented wife.

Before and after view of Wiltshire honey jar design and re-brand by Oliver Milburn
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Personal projects are not something I’ve previously put aside time to do. However, going forward I intend to put more time aside to create more personal projects this year because they’re fun! And who knows, they may turn into real projects one day. So if you’re interested in what I’m doing, or just curious to see what’s happening over here in Guildford, feel free to sign up to my email news letters or get in touch. I won’t send you anything annoying and I have no long term plan to sell you anything. I just like being at the forefront of your mind so that when you need a beautiful PowerPoint Presentation or a Brand Identity designed, you think of me.

Did you shrink the kids?

If you’re starting a new venture or building upon an existing business, let’s talk about getting you noticed, honey!