Present like a boss

Your guide to succeed with PowerPoint presentations

This short guide will explain why investing in presentation design will
your PowerPoint presentations to the next level.


Content is your backbone

A good presentation begins with strong content, but to create an award winning presentation it takes a lot more. A well planned agenda, clear navigation and a thoroughly professional and consistent look can raise your presentation delivery above and beyond the competition. 

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Know your audience. Try to understand what they are going to expect from you, where you will be when you present to them and how much of their time you have to work with.

Where are we?

At this point, you’re at the start of what will become one of the best looking pieces of work you will have ever created. I find it useful to imagine what the final product will look like before I even begin structuring a deck.

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Start planning your presentation with an agenda. It’s best to take your time here because it saves time for you further down the line. Don’t worry about making it look nice just yet. Keep it clear.

Where are we?

From the beginning of your project, it’s worth keeping in mind a target number of slides for your presentation. Remember, less is more, and your audience are there to see you, not stare at the screen behind you. 


Clean first, then polish.

It’s important to complete step two before moving onto the final stage where your designer takes the reins and creates something you can be proud of.

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When you think about approaching a designer for help with your presentation, your part should be at least 90% complete. By handing over a finished presentation, you get the most value from the service, and this allows your designer more time to spend doing the job that you have hired them to do. It makes sense. 


The majority of slides can be polished without the need for further input or additional content from you. However, in some cases the subject matter can be more challenging to interpret or to illustrate. Where some slides require infographics, graphs, animation, or even explaining over the phone, it’s beneficial to work together more closely to reach the end goal together.

Where are we?

It’s ready! You have a complete presentation deck, built yourself in PowerPoint. You’re pleased with the content, you’ve run through from start to finish and you’re happy with the number of slides. You could present it as it stands. It looks ok. But you want it to look better than anything the room has ever seen, and you know that the desired result is within reach. So what are you waiting for? Email it over!


Trust your Designer.

From here on, your Designer will take the lead and be in touch when your presentation is ready to review together.


When your presentation has passed Step Two, it’s ready to begin the transformation from a functional PowerPoint deck into an impressive, clean and modern piece of work which will stand by you and help you communicate at your best.


The design process of cleaning up any presentation will take time and concentration. Designers call this ‘flow’. Getting deeply involved in a project with no disturbance has proven to be a very effective way of working. Time speeds up.

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Are we there?

Yep, we’re finished. Your old slides are a thing of the past. You’re pleased that you spent your time wisely in the preparation phase, and it shows because the result is even better than you imagined. It’s absolutely fine to do some back and forward with small tweaks to layout and maybe even a bit of content too, but let’s aim to be as productive as possible and remember our end goal.

Your presentation package

I love the feeling of winning work and impressing clients. Here’s a summary of what to expect when you choose to work with me.


A professionally designed PowerPoint slideshow, made to impress.


Your file will be fully editable where possible, allowing last minute amends.


Every deck I polish is quality checked thoroughly before we're done.


All images will be optimised for best display and performance.


Along with a bespoke look, subtle transitions and animations are included.


We now have a connection and I'm only an email away if you need advice.


To help you decide what to do next, I’ve put together some useful answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Our website accepts all major credit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay via mobile. Alternatively, you can email me and request an invoice for the project. A package purchased online is for the full price of the work involved. 

Yes, VAT is included in all of our pricing.

I thought you’d never ask! Yes, of course we can. After you have your presentation ready, you might want to roll out the theme into some other helpful marketing collateral. I can create designs and artwork for clothing, stationary, business cards and any other form of printed or digital communications. Just ask.

For best results, draft a strong presentation made up of great content and ideas, with all slides checked and finalised. Then hand it over when you’re confident it’s ready so that I can bring it to life. This always saves time and improves the end result.

I can usually begin your project within three days from receiving your request. In busier periods, this may be a little longer, but I will always tell you what is achievable as soon as possible. 

Project length can vary. My package is for one PowerPoint or InDesign presentation, and this can take anywhere from two working days to six. With regular communication between us, I will aim to complete your project within one week from our initial consultation. I encourage a healthy stream of emails and calls where necessary.

Get that content 90% ready. If you’re there already, <high five!> then please go ahead and purchase the package. Let’s get started!

Present like a boss

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