Create your brand

Your quick guide to succeed with brand identity

This guide explains the journey we take to establish
a unique brand identity for your business or personal brand.


Plant a seed

Your logo represents you in the simplest form. When people see it or recognise your brand colour, a seed is planted. Over time, that connection grows into an experience and a familiar, reassuring feeling. 


I always design in black and white at first. There may be colours in mind, but I believe that to establish the bare-bones of a strong logo shape, it is more productive to begin with less.

Where are we?

We’ve talked about what you like and what you don’t like. I’m getting to know you and I’ve come to understand your goals and expectations of the project. At this early stage, it’s great to see moodboards and share Pinterest boards.

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By adding a splash of colour, the logo comes alive and the brand begins to grow some roots. The next stage of the design process is to imagine it in the forest. Will it stand out?

Where are we?

You’re happy with your new logo. It may be exactly what you had in mind, or perhaps you had no idea until you saw it! The idea has now become a concept, and it’s my job to ensure that the roots have enough space to spread out.


Nurture the concept

A stand-alone logo isn’t yet a brand, but you’re a step closer to success. The next phase is to introduce some personality through brand identity.

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With a strong logo, a distinctive colour and a vision, the concept grows into something bigger. It’s now more recognisable as a brand. Consistency is key. It underpins the foundation of the concept. An idea without roots will blow away in the wind, so it’s my job to ensure that the concept grows tall enough to see the light.

Where are we?

It’s at this point we can start to give the logo some personality. By learning what your brand is all about, a skilled Designer will use shapes, colours and typefaces to communicate a personality to your audience. This is a feeling. And it can be elegant, energetic, playful or anything in between.


A living thing

Your brand now communicates well and will grow with you. However, it’s so important to have a strong brand strategy in place to maintain direction.


Building a brand is a bit like getting into a relationship and learning to understand what is acceptable and what is not. Sort of like wearing your socks in bed if your partner is comfortable with it. I don’t do that by the way. Your brand develops a unique set of rules we call Guidelines. 


The Brand Guideline is a document that Designer’s produce to ensure compliance over multiple use cases. Logos, colours, images, tone of voice and any shared assets are set out in this book of rules which should be referred to whenever a new creative is being produced.

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A logo alone will struggle to represent a business and tell your story. This is why we often create some assets to help your brand identity communicate more clearly. Emotive photography, cute little icons, technical graphics and recommended tone of voice for your brand are the perfect accompaniments to your brand package. I would call these essential to any brand.

Are we there yet?

Yep, we’re finished! Your new logo and brand personality are ready to start singing for you. Starting on day one, people will begin forming those connections we talked about earlier. From here on in, the brand is yours and the Designer’s work is done. This handover process is a difficult time for any Brand Designer. Because, from here on in, we are trusting you to read those Guidelines and make good choices. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Your complete brand package

I find brand design very rewarding to work on and fun to create. Here’s a summary of what to expect when you choose to work with me.


A gloriously bespoke logo will represent and grow with your business for years to come.


Your logo will scale infinitely and maintain perfect quality using vectors.


A set of Guidelines to live by, containing examples to keep you looking tip top.


These are your brands' backing singers. Usually icons and stock images.


Where your primary logo simply won't do, don't worry, you'll have options.


We now have a connection and I'm only an email away if you need advice.


To help you decide what to do next, I’ve put together some useful answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch and I’ll help you.

Our website accepts all major credit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay via mobile. Alternatively, you can email me and request an invoice for the project. A package purchased online is for the full price of the work involved. 

Yes, VAT is included in all of our pricing.

I thought you’d never ask! Yes, of course we can. After we have your brand in place, you will rightfully want to show it off. I can help with branded clothing, stationary, business cards and any other form of printed or digital communications. Just ask.

Pinterest is usually where I start. I recommend collecting things you like into a moodboard and sharing this board with me. I find that this visual way of communicating saves time and helps me to gain a really strong understanding of what you like and what direction we need to go to achieve the best end result for you.

I can usually begin your project within a week from receiving your request. In busier periods, this may be a little longer, but I will always tell you what is achievable as soon as possible. 

Project length can vary. Our branding package is super speedy. Presentations can take a few days, but are always delivered in a timely and professional manner.

When you feel ready, please go ahead and purchase a package online. Let’s get started!

Let's make you a brand!