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Who needs brand identity?

A strong brand identity is intrinsic to the culture of a successful business. It is a symbol of core values and reputation. It’s how you look, sound, taste, smell, react and approach. Brand identity gives your company a personality. So, branding is really about making the most of every opportunity you have to speak to your customers in the best possible way.

Brand identity makes your big ideas accessible to your audience, unifying your communications into one voice.


Your identity should appeal to the senses, setting you apart from the competition and giving your business a familiar face for your customers to connect with. Going beyond visual identity, your brand may also include a catchy tune or a memorable smell to further reinforce that personality by delivering a whole experience to your customer. 

When to invest

When a business outgrows the personalities of its founders, there is an opportunity to give it a face and it’s own personality which allows your team to appeal to your target market more effectively. So if you’re looking to speak to others and reach out professionally as a business, investing in a brand identity will help you do this consistently.


Many believe that a brand becomes stronger when its focus is narrowed. This means that a businesses operating in a niche space of the market will potentially have a better chance to appeal to its perfect customer. As the customer becomes more focussed, the brand identity will become more effective; reaching out to establish a stronger connection with people who speak the same language and are looking for the products or service you offer.

Name, tagline, tone of voice, values, logo, marks, colours, icons, photography and many other elements combine to create a brand experience.

Companies that value design as a core competency tend to be more successful in their marketing and communications.

The future

Flexibility of your brand identity will help your business grow and adapt into the future. The business may acquire other businesses, pledge to become more sustainable or branch into new market sectors, and the brands who do this best are always open and flexible to adapt.


Who should invest in brand identity?

Approaching your brand identity must take everything into consideration, not just what’s under the hood. Economics, regional trends and global sustainability goals will all play a part in the direction your business takes. It’s important to understand that by giving it a personality, this will make you appeal to the people you want to reach. In short, any business who wants to communicate with others will currently have some level of brand identity.

Working with a brand specialist to develop your brand identity into something professional, unique and appealing will give you the tools to help your business communicate more effectively and ensure that it reaches your customers. Investing in brand identity shouldn’t be thought of as an expense, it is an investment in the future of your business which will amplify and fine-tune all future communications. It’s the icing on the cake.

Investing in brand identity and working with a brand designer is for any business – large or small – who wants to appear more approachable.

Starting a business?

If you’re at the beginning of an exciting new venture and you care about people and planet, let’s talk about getting you noticed.