Forge Fitness Case Study by Oliver MIlburn Designer

Forge Fitness

Case Study

Jonathan Andrews is the founder and owner of Forge Fitness; specialising in training, coaching and nutrition plans. Based in Bristol, Jonny services the local counties, working intimately with his clients to help them look better, be healthier and feel happier.

Jonathan approached us to help him expand his business with an online presence and an appealing visual identity to attract his ideal customers.

Jonny Andrews at Forge Fitness.

Detailed brand guidelines

Forge Fitness wanted to stand out in the fitness landscape, being prominent, bold and recognisable. We developed a complete set of brand guidelines to help the business venture out in new directions whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism though consistent brand rules. The PDF had an interactive menu integrated into the layout which helped to enhance the UX by making navigation more intuitive.

Forge Fitness Case Study by Oliver MIlburn Designer
Forge Fitness Case Study by Oliver MIlburn Designer

Redesigning the logo

Energy & movement

Training with Jonathan is all about movement and energy. His previous logo, although bold and minimal, wasn’t giving off that vibe. So when we approached the logo design process, we felt it important to inject some energy and movement into his brand by using vibrant, energetic colours and introducing a sense of urgency and determination.

The final result came from a few more small iterations of the design where we explored the rough texture within the logo. We used this to capture the rugged characteristics of the ‘crossfit’ training approach, with his customer demographic firmly in mind throughout the process.

The original logo was bold and modern but the message wasn’t clear and the brand felt static and a little unapproachable.

His new logo introduces energy and clarity through colour and bold italics. The brand feels warmer and more welcoming.


Three design concepts were presented to Jonathan, each with a unique take on style. 

Colours were carefully considered using colour psychology data.

Forge Fitness logo design concept

Concept one simplifies the existing ‘F’ logo and wraps it up into a bold trademark.

Forge Fitness logo design concept

Concept two shouts energy and vibrance with a strong RGB colour palette and bold/italic typeface.

Forge Fitness logo design concept

Concept three is slick and understated, playing on the ‘FF’ initials as a mountain landscape.

Creating versatile brand assets


We were aware that Jonathan wanted to use his new logo in a variety of different circumstances, primarily across digital applications but also for leisure apparel. Use cases, colour reproduction and layout space would vary, therefore it was clear from the offset that he required a diverse set of tools for many applications for his brand.


Redesigned Forge Fitness logo from brand guidelines.


The Primary logo is bold and full of context, rhythm and energy. It should be used in the majority of cases where space allows. 

Redesigned Forge Fitness logo from brand guidelines.


The Compact logo is used on horizontal spaces such as the website banner and in footers where space is limited.

Redesigned Forge Fitness logo from brand guidelines.


The Tag logo was introduced to communicate the core service message when the primary logo is unable to be present.

Bespoke website

Having never had a business website, Forge Fitness lacked a permanent home. By spending some time developing the brand strategy at the beginning of the project, the website came together as a combination of the simplicity and accessibility that Jonathan wanted to promote through his values. To keep costs low and features rich, WordPress was selected as the best solution for his business. 

Powered with eCommerce

Jonathan was already printing and selling merchandise for his previous brand, so he wished to continue to do this. He asked us to make the process simpler for him to manage and easier for his clients to order. We integrated a payment system using Stripe plugged into WooCommerce which gave Forge Fitness the functionality that his brand deserved. He now sells merchandise and courses online.

Modern & responsive

Beginning with a professionally built HTML5 framework, the site was tailored specifically to the needs of his business and his new brand. Great on desktop and equally accessible for mobile devices, the new website ticks all the boxes for Jonathan and his growing business.

Advanced products

During lockdown in 2020/2021 the physical training classes were limited due to government restrictions. Therefore, Jonathan needed to shape his approach and act quickly to ensure his business remained productive. We tackled Jonathan’s ambitious ideas with our can-do attitude and created a cost effective solution to offer and accept subscription products, paid on a monthly basis. This solution made the payment process much simpler and more enjoyable for regular clients and also provided them with ongoing encouragement, much like a regular monthly gym subscription. 

Personal photography

When Jonny approached us to talk about how he wanted to grow his business, we soon realised that he was the star of the show. By taking a personal approach to his visual communications, we keep him close to his customers, which is exactly how it really is. The photography session was booked for an afternoon at one of his local gyms. Photos were edited for his website and supplied as part of his brand assets for use across all marketing channels and communications.

Energised with movement

We made this short video to capture the energy and the effort that Jonathan puts into his classes. From online training to sweating it out in person, his approach is filled with enthusiasm and support. The short clip was filmed on Nikon SLR and iPhone XS, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. It was then compressed for optimum website performance and hosted by the CMS. It now serves as an effective Call To Action at the bottom of the landing page, leaving visitors with something real.

How was the experience?

"Oli and I achieved more in under two months than I had with other developers in over two years. From quotation to project completion, his work was to the highest standard, with no stone left unturned. His commitment and diligence provided me with a product that went above and beyond my expectations. I am delighted with the outcome and very proud of what we have achieved. I would not hesitate to use his services again in future."
Jonny Andrews at Forge Fitness.
Jonathan Andrews
Forge Fitness

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