With over three decades of selling homes across the Wiltshire countryside, Paul and Mark are Estate Agents with a personal touch. They guarantee an unrivalled customer experience which is founded on their core values of honesty, integrity and transparency.

Based in Seend, Appleby & Townend borrows the surnames of its founders who established the business in 2020, amongst the disruption.

The Directors approached me with their vision and some mockups. With the fundamentals of their brand already in place, they approached us for some help to refine their concept into something appealing and practical which would spearhead their visual identity.

By selecting a dark navy for the background, a feeling of trust and loyalty provides the foundation. The gold elements touch on the high quality service which reflects the promise of their brand values.

I’m so happy to say that Paul and Mark’s business is flourishing day by day, which is 100% down to the fantastic efforts of its Managing Directors.