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Results: Zero to 4,000+ visitors in 10 months

Keevil is a beautiful, peaceful village located in Wiltshire. With fields upon fields of open farmland, there are limited dog walking options for owners who wish for a more secure location to give their dog free rein. Following the 2020 lockdown, the canine crime rate has risen significantly, enhancing the need for secure dog walking alternatives.

The owners of the dog paddock approached us to help them make their idea a reality. The key to the success of the business was to automate the booking through a well designed website where visitors could self-serve and enjoy worry-free dog walks time and time again.

The platform to build and host the website was important in order to keep the maintenance and everyday running of the business as smooth and as simple as possible. With Squarespace Scheduling, we were able to create a range of dog walking packages to suit all types of visitors. These services could be reserved and paid for via the website; on desktop, tablet or mobile. Regular customers can even book recurring visits which reserves the same times each week and takes the stress out of the ordering process. The system is set up to automatically email the customer a reminder the day before their event takes place.

Along with the booking functionality, we also created a new business email and Google Calendar which listens to their website and adds field reservations as soon as they’re booked. The calendar can be accessed via the Squarespace Admin Panel or via the Google Calendar App on mobile. Notifications can be switched on or off.

Intuitive and in-touch was designed to be as intuitive as possible for people of all ages who enjoy the outdoors. They may not heavily use technology in their day-to-day lives, but they enjoy spending quality time with their pets in a worry-free, secure environment. The website was designed to reflect the peaceful environment of the field.

Getting noticed

Part of our marketing plan was to create a business with a physical presence. Along with a new contact email address and an appointments calendar, we established Paws In Keevil on Google My Business which adds a location pin on Google Maps and allows visitors to review the service and share photos with others.

The website, the Facebook Group and the Google My Business pin work together to raise awareness of the dog park and aim to promote the service through positive referrals. The field is open all year round. If you live in the Wiltshire area, to book your visit, please go to

“Oli did a great job, especially working with a technophobe.
He set everything up and made it simple to understand and maintain. The website looks great and our clients find it easy to navigate.” – MR & MRS Banfield, Business Owners

After almost a year in business…

“We would like to thank you! Thank you for all the work you have done for us to make our business a success. We now have a client list of well over 300 and in the 9.5 months we have been running we have had 4,000 dog visits to our field. We also have ten 5 star Google ratings, many of which praise the ease of use of the website and booking system that you set up.”

Are you a dog person?

If you’re already running an established business, or just beginning an exciting new venture, let’s get you barking at full volume!