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Our BrandOrbit™ shifts perceptions and runs circles around the outer rings of your mind. It’s not painful, but it will require you to think quite deeply and be honest.

Book the Brand Orbit by Osmil Brand Design, Surrey UK

The interview addresses the big questions like, “does your brand make sense, can people relate to it, does it reflect their values and leave them wanting more?”

The session takes less than two hours of your time and will have you thinking about your business from new perspectives. 

The BrandOrbit™ includes an in-depth interview and a well written brief that begins the countdown to your brand launch. After we present your plan, there’s no obligation or pressure to jump into anything. But if you do want us to bring it to life we can take care of everything for you.

Book the Brand Orbit by Osmil Brand Design, Surrey UK


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*This cost is applied to the BrandLaunch™ moving forward.

"Oli provided a fantastic service throughout, offered feedback and identified new ideas and opportunities I hadn't considered."
Scott Vincent
Vincent Design Engineering
"Oli did a great job, especially working with a technophobe. He set everything up and made it simple to understand and maintain."
Fran Banfield
Paws In Keevil

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