Our process

Our process

A strong identity can make or break a brand, so taking the decision to team up with a brand specialist could be one of the most beneficial marketing investments you make. Together we will create an experience that matters to your customers.

My approach combines business insight, marketing strategy and badass graphic design to bring your brand to life. By listening carefully and learning about your business, we position ourselves in the best possible way to begin creating a brand that promotes trust, boosts performance, breaks into new markets, drives sales, or tackles any other obstacle you want to overcome. Because every brand is different, the solution is always tailored. The process, however, can be explained in three stages:

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Oliver Milburn is a highly skilled multidisciplinary Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist from Guildford, with over 15 years experience in global Studio and Marketing teams.

"Oli and I achieved more in under two months than I had with others in over two years. From quotation to project completion, his work was to the highest standard, with no stone left unturned. I would not hesitate to use his services again."
Jonny Andrews at Forge Fitness.
Jonathan Andrews
Forge Fitness

Three stages...



01. Beginning with Brand Strategy

During this important stage of the project I want to learn about your business goals, your history, your people and your customers. Our brand strategy framework explores the corners of your brand and aims to reveal the unique benefits that your business brings to the party. 

When we have a clear understanding of everything, we can approach the second stage feeling enthusiastic and enlightened.



02. Designing your identity

This is where the concept for your brand is born. From the information we gathered through the planning stage, we shape this into a personality, both visually and emotively.

As a designer, this is a really exciting stage where the ideas fuse together to create something new and unique. Possibly for the first time, your brand develops its own personality through visuals, copy and brand assets. Everything is then recorded and documented clearly in your bespoke Style Guide or Brand Book.



03. Engaging consistency

With your Brand Book leading the way, the personality of your business comes alive through a suite of marketing materials created explicitly for your business.

These assets form an important brand toolkit made up of templates and design guides that simplify your marketing efforts and help your business to communicate with confidence well into the future.

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